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FAA Type: L-864 Medium Intensity Lighting
ICAO Type: Medium Intensity Type B (L-864)

 ETL Certified: FAA Advisory Circular AC 150/5345-43F

Complement to: Canadian Aviation Regulation (CAR) 621.19 DGAC of Mexico 
            ICAO Annex 14, CAR 621.19



LSPD devices are designed to protect all the FlashGuardTM medium intensity strobe lighting systems. The LSPD provides both a grounding solution and surge suppression for these installations. The LSPD minimizes exposure to lightning damage through tower light wiring, a lightning path that is commonly overlooked at communications sites. Without the use of a LSPD, the interconnecting cable between the strobe's flashhead and the power supply provides a direct path that can allow damaging surges and transients to enter the shelter. Sites with LSPDs installed have proven reliability. Sites with previous lightning problems have recorded hundreds of lightning strikes after LSPD installation, with no damage to the power supply or communication equipment.



LSPD units are installed between the flashhead and the power supply, providing protection for both the lighting power supply and the telecommunications equipment installed at the site. The LSPD units are supplied in a fiberglass NEMA 4X outdoor enclosure.  The protectors should be mounted on the tower above the ice bridge, before the cable turns to enter the shelter.  The first level of protection forces any induced voltage on the cable’s shield to tower ground.  All lines then pass through a surge suppression device before continuing to the power supply. Detailed installation instructions are included with each unit and should be adhered to for optimum protection.



Response Time 

Less than 5 µs.

Current Withstand: 

40 kA per mode; IEEE C62.41 8x20µs short circuit waveform 


The LSPD is series wired with parallel protection. Robust MOVs protect all circuits. Large ground plane bonded to a #2 copper ground lug provides a strong electrical/ mechanical discharge point.
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