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LED170W - Obstacle Lighting for Wind Turbines 

Low Intensity Obstacle Lights



Night marking for wind turbines according to the national regulation for marking obstructions to air tra c “Richtlinie zur Kennzeichnung von Lu fahrthindernissen” issued by the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Housing. Type “W Red” 



A pair of the ashing red obstruction lights LED170 are speci ed for the night marking of wind turbines higher than 100m. the timing of the LED170 ashing identi es the marked obstruction as wind turbine to the pilots of aircra s. the system automatically switches on by the use of a calibrated photocell. in order to allow synchronization of the ashing of the LED170 lights with those on other wind turbines, the LED170 is optionally synchronized by the use of gPS. the pair of LED170 lights per wind turbine in conjunction with a separate uninterrupted power supply plus control electronics forms the ashing light system designed for an individual wind turbine. the LED170 light is maintenance free. 



• Maintenance free obstruction light using high-lumen LEDs
• High lifetime by optimized heat dissipation and low operating current of the LEDs • Constant light output by compensation of temperature changes
• Rugged housing with self-cleaning transparent cover
• Mechanical interface identical to that of the FG2000/3000B light family
• Fault detection 


National regulation for marking aeronautical obstacles, part A and B 


Technical Data:

  • Power Supply system – 690 or 230V, 50Hz 
  • Power Consumption system – Approx. 400VA at start of charge 
  • Mechanical dimensions – 381 x 405 mm (L x H) 
  • Weight – 8.5 kg 
  • Flashhead Power Consumption – 22 Watts 
  • Light Sources – High performance LEDs
    Light Intensity – >170cd
    Horizontal beam spread – 360° 
  • Vertical beam spread – Min 170cd ±5° Min 34cd ±10° Min 3,4cd ±15° 
  • Timing of ashing: 1s on - 0.5s o - 1s on - 1.5s o


Ordering information:

  • 65 874 - LED170W - 230V, 50Hz
  • 65 874 616 - LED170W - 690V, 50Hz
  • 65 874 617 - LED 170W - 230V, 50Hz, with GPS
  • 65 874 618 - LED170W - 690V, 50Hz, with GPS