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Hughey & Phillips, LLC presents a complete line of cost-effective obstruction lighting and control solutions that are proven to be highly efficient and reliable with improved maintainability and a longer operational life.

As either stand-alone fixtures or as part of an integrated system, Hughey & Phillips’ low, medium, and high intensity lighting solutions provide illumination for radio and television transmission towers, communications and microwave antennas, wind turbines, grain elevators, buildings, smokestacks, bridges, and other obstructions to aerial navigation as specified by the FAA, FCC, ICAO, DGAC of Mexico and Transport Canada.

Advancements in LED-based obstruction lighting technologies have resulted in lighting fixtures that extend our beacon service life up to 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs with lower power consumption. Additionally, our strobes use unique parabolic reflectors/linear strobetubes optics and integrated flashead blocking strips to minimize ground scatter light for more community friendly lighting systems.