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Services provided

Nabatech Communications Limited is a full services company. We offer the industry a wide variety of services and products pending the customer’s requirements. No matter how small or how large your project , we at Nabatech treat all projects in a highly professional manner and offer you the customer full unbiased consultation on any issue where you may require assistance or clarification.

Services Offered

  • Site feasibility studies

    Nabatech will visit the proposed site and provide a full report on site conditions and a professional assessment of site construction feasibility and budget considerations.
  • Site acquisitioning

    Nabatech offers professional assistance locating the desired site location within a targeted regional area and proposing the appropriate type of structure that suites your RF design requirements and landlord restrictions.
  • Site Zoning / permitting

    Nabatech provides engineered stamped site specific development drawings required for municipal approvals.
  • Geotechnical services

    Nabatech provides certified geotechnical investigations, reports and site plans. Our people are on site to oversee the geotechnical investigation to ensure it is performed correctly in the right location and to obtain first hand any site specific issues.
  • Tower design and fabrication

    Nabatech provides a vast array of tower products. We offer standard tower structures in various types of sizes and materials, designed for site specific loading requirements. We also offer a vast array of concealment structures that satisfy those hard to obtain stringent municipal or landlord locations.
  • Site preparation and construction

    Nabatech has gained extensive experience building communication sites in different areas of the world over the last three decades. No tower site location is too difficult to accomplish. We can clear the site access road ,clear the site compound area and guy swaths, build the site access road to your requirements and prepare the compound area ready for foundation installation.
  • Civil construction

    Nabatech offers complete site construction. Whether it’s a new site build or an existing site augment for a collocate. We can construct, modify and install to your requirements.
  • Foundations

    Nabatech offers foundation installation and engineering. Your foundation is designed in conjunction with the tower engineers designed reactions and the soils parameters as provided within the geotechnical report. We provide complete on site project management and the installation to ensure the depth of the foundation, the size of the foundation and the rebar cage is as per the engineers design. We ensure we have a third party engineering firm on site with us to sample the concrete for air entrainment, slump and temperature prior to pouring. Test samples are taken to the laboratory and strength tested to ensure the concrete meets the design engineer’s parameters. Reports are provided.
  • Tower Installations

    Nabatech will project manage the pickup and delivery of your tower to the site. We provide full rigging services to assemble and erect the tower as per the manufacturers and engineers of record requirements. We utilize either standard rigging equipment or mobile cranes pending the site location and access logistics. Our crews are trained and experience with the assembly of your knock down series tower to ensure it is assembled without twist and to safely erect the tower so its verticality and twist are kept within the CSA – S37 standard requirements.
  • Antenna Installation

    Regardless if we are installing your Low Band mobile antenna or your 4G LTE antenna network , all installations are installed as per the manufacturer and customer requirements. Our field staff are fully trained and experienced installing coaxial cables, elliptical waveguides, Fibre Optic cables and DC power cables, microwave antennas and cellular antennas. Nabatech supplies it crews with all the necessary tools and test equipment required to ensure the antennas perform at their maximum capabilities.
  • Inspections ,Maintenance

    Nabatech provides engineered structural inspections and site maintenance inspections . All structural inspections are performed by licensed engineers specially trained to climb and inspect tower components. A Stamped engineering report is provided. All Site maintenance inspections are performed by our highly trained and qualified field staff to document and photograph site conditions and tower conditions. A full report is provided with recommendations on what should be considered to be repaired. Nabatech provides experienced staff to perform the required maintenance items on the site or on the tower.
  • Site Audits

    Due to today’s congestion on tower structures due to the many technologies installed and the various carriers utilizing the tower structure, Nabatech offers this vital service to assist you with your RF design and site cost analysis. The audit may consist of identifying exact antenna elevation, model number and azimuth bearings , TX line location and structural member mapping. A full report including a detailed accurate site plan is provided.
  • Tower Mapping

    Do you Require accurate structural details? Reinforcement costs tens of thousands of dollars. Some times unnecessarily. Nabatech offers detailed tower mapping. A site specific tower profile is developed, providing and accurately outlining all structural member sizes, lattice web design configuration, panel dimensions, leg sizes, gauge lines, torsion designs and sizes, leg splice designs, guy cable assemblies, anchor radius, anchor drops or rises are all required to ensure the results of your next structural analysis is as efficient as possible.
  • Site grounding

    Nabatech offers the design and installation for a new site ground grid or the retrofit of an existing site grounding system. All materials used are 2/0 copper wire and copper clad ground rods. All underground connections are exothermic welds, all above grade connections are crimped lugs with double bolt connection and no ox compound applied. All ground grids are megger tested for resistivity and test results are documented. Ground grids can be designed to customer specific requirements.
  • Tower Lighting

    Nabatech offers the supply and installation of your complete tower lighting requirements. All tower lighting systems now provided are LED lamps that meet or exceed Transport Canada’s requirements. STOP SPENDING MONEY by having your tower repainted. Consider contracting Nabatech to supply and install a new dual light LED system that comply with Transport Canada requirements for daytime and night time markings.
  • C.O.Ws

    Nabatech provides Cell On Wheels. These units are hydraulic controlled antenna masts on a mobile trailer that can be rapidly deployed for your cell site emergency disaster relief or for your temporary requirements for additional localized channel capacity. Variations available.
  • Electrical

    Nabatech can obtain and provide site layouts from your local electrical service distributor. The proper electrical layout will provide you accurate design parameters you will require when building new sites. This information is useful when dealing with the landlord to ensure he knows how the electrical service will be installed and not based on assumptions. The electrical layout will permit your contractors to provide accurate costs when quoting the installation of your site.