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Dual Medium Intensity Strobe System

FAA Type: L-864/865 Medium Intensity Lighting

ICAO Type: Type A/B Medium Intensity Obstacle Light
ETL Certified: 

FAA Advisory Circular 150/5345-43F 

Compliant for use with: 
ICAO Annex 14, MIL-C-7989
DGAC of Mexico, CAR 621.19 

The FlashGuard 3000B Medium Intensity Dual Lighting System combines a daytime white strobe light and a nighttime red flashing strobe into a single flashhead, eliminating the need for two separate lighting systems. The flashhead is powered and controlled by a power supply that can be mounted remotely at the base of the structure. The power supply constantly monitors the operation of the system, and provides alarm contact closure upon any failure. The system automatically switches between day and night intensities by the use of a calibrated photocell. FlashGuard™ 3000B flashheads incorporate a light blocking strip that minimizes ground scatter light, resulting in a “community friendly” lighting system.


Medium intensity obstruction lighting systems are typically used on structures between 150'(45M) and 500' (150M) above ground level to provide aviation safety. The use of a medium intensity white strobe during the daytime typically eliminates the need to paint the structure with aviation orange and white stripes. The use of a red flashing beacon at night provides a "community friendly" light. Hughey & Phillips medium intensity obstruction lights are designed for lighting tall structures such as communication, television and radio towers, chimneys, cooling towers, tall buildings, catenary river crossings and bridges.


System Features:

  • Single flashhead provides white or red medium intensity operation with no moving parts.
  • Dual flashtubes and dual trigger transformers provide night time redundancy - no single point of failure in the flashhead
  • Precise optics minimize ground scatter light
  • Alarm contacts provided for connection to any monitoring system
  • Rugged design of flashhead and power supply is suitable for outdoor installation in any climate


Flashhead Features:

  • Upper optics provides red flashing beacon lighting
  • Lower optics provides medium intensity white strobe lighting
  • Identical strobe tube for red and white eliminates extra spare parts
  • Internally triggered Xenon strobe tubes utilized for long-life and maximum efficiency, without creating corrosive ozone
  • Parabolic reflector optics and linear strobe tube optics combination provides very precise optics and blocks ground scatter light in both red or white operation
  • Lens raises and locks in place, providing easy access to strobe tubes
  • Only five components used in flashhead - minimal maintenance required at top of structure
  • Dual flashtubes and trigger transformers provide night time redundancy
  • Safety interlock switch included
  • No moving parts
  • High temperature, UV resistant acrylic flashhead lens


Power Supply Features:

  • Provides power electronics, timing circuitry, and monitoring for lighting system
  • Automatic day/night intensity control
  • Manual intensity override
  • Easily accessible components
  • Plug-in-play circuit cards
  • Control and monitoring for up two sidelight levels with four steady burning obstruction lights
  • Fail-safe monitoring system with up to five remote alarm contacts
  • Stainless steel NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Low power consumption



Photometric Day Mode (White)

Night Mode ( Red)

Backup Night Mode(White) 

Beam Spread

Horizontal Coverage

Ground Scatter

Flash Rate


20,000 candela ± 25%

2,000 candela ± 25%

3° minimum

360°, omni-directional

<3% Light Output at -10° Vertical

40 FPM Day & White Night 24FPM Red Night




Will withstand exposure to

-55° to +55° C (-67° F to +130° F)

95% relative humidity 

Wind-blown rain direction 

Salt-laden atmosphere 

Wind Speed - 240kph (150mph) 



Weight, Flashhead

Weight, Power Supply

Power Supply Enclosure

Flashhead Lens Material

16 kg (34 lbs)

32 kg (70 lbs)

304 Stainless Steel - standard   316L Stainless Steel - optional                    

High Temp/UV Resistant Acrylic



Input Voltages

Input Frequencies

Power Consumption, Day

Power Consumption, Night

Power Consumption, Backup

Peak Inrush Current

Available Alarm Contacts
(form C dry-contact)

120, 230/240, 277, 480 VAC               

50 or 60 Hz

208 Watts

133 Watts

77 Watts 

7A @ 120VAC

Power Failure, Mode Status, Strobe Failure, Sidelight #1 Fail, Sidelight #2 Fail


Part Numbers:

FG3000B-004 FlashGuard L864/865 Medium Intensity 120/230 VAC 60 Hz  
FG3001B-004 FlashGuard L864/865 Medium Intensity 230 VAC 50 Hz