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FAA Type: L-810 Steady Burn Obstruction Light
ICAO Type: Low Intensity Type B Obstacle Light

ETL Certified: FAA AC 150/5345-43F

Complement to: ICAO Annex 14, CAR 621.19,
CE Compliant


The Hughey & Phillips L-810 Obstruction Light low intensity obstruction lighting products are designed to meet international aerial navigation requirements for obstruction lighting applications. Applications include television, radio, communications, microwave, transmission line towers, wind cones and other objects requiring navigational or obstruction lighting. The family of low-intensity lighting product consists of single and double lights with various features to meet your specific application needs.

Double Obstruction Lights:

The OB22 and OB24 double obstruction lights are equipped with two scream base lamp receptacles. The fixtures are cast aluminum and utilize flange type red Fresnel lenses. The fixtures are available with either side entrance or bottom entrace for 3/4" or 1" conduit fittings, with 120 and 230 VAC lamps.

Single Obstruction Lights:

The OB20 and OB21 single obstruction lights are equipped with a screw base lamp receptacle. The fixtures are cast aluminum and utilize flange type red Fresnel lenses. The fixtures are available with either bottom entrance (OB20) or side entrance (OB21) for 3/4' or 1'conduit fittings. The fixtures are suitable for use with 120 or 230 VAC lamps.

Double Obstruction Lights with Transfer Relay:

In many circumstances it is highly desirable, or required, to employ a lamp transfer relay with a double obstruction light. Upon failure of the first lamp, the relay will transfer power to the standby lamp. The relay is mounted within the fixture base. This relay is of the single pole, single throw, normally closed type. Only one lamp in the double obstruction light is energized when a transfer relay is used. The fixtures are suitable for use with 120 and 230 VAC lamps.





Single, 3/4” Bottom Hub


Single, 1” Bottom Hub


Single, 3/4” Side Hub


Single, 1” Side Hub


Double, 3/4” Bottom Hub


Double, 1” Bottom Hub


Double, 3/4” Side Hub


Double, 1” Side Hub


Double, 1” Bottom Hub, Transfer Relay


Double, 1” Side Hub, Transfer Relay


Spare Parts & Accessories


Lamp, 116W, 120V


Lamp, 116W, 120V


Lamp, 116W, 230V


Lens, Red, Fresnel


Lamp Socket, 120V or 230V


Neoprene Gasket


Lens Holder with 7” Chain


Transfer Relay Assembly w/relay & sockets


Transfer Relay


Photometric Specifications

  • Beam Spread: 360° Horizontal, 3° Minimum Vertical
  • Effective Intensity:  ≥ 32 Candela


Mechanical Specifications 

  • Base Material: Cast Aluminum with aviation red powder coat
  • Lens: Heat resistant clear glass
  • Single: 8” x 5.5” x 5.5” (H x W x L), 4 lbs.
  • Double: 8” x 5.5” x 11.5” (H x W x L), 8.25 lbs.


Environmental Specifications: 

  • Temperature: ±55°C
  • Humidity: 95% relative humidity
  • Will withstand exposure to wind-blown rain from any direction, salt-laden atmosphere and wind speeds of 240 kph (150 mph).