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FAA Type: L-864 Medium Intensity Lighting

ICAO Type: Type B/C Medium Intensity Obstacle Light


Hughey & Phillips flashing red beacons are designed to meet international aerial navigation requirements for obstruction lighting applications. FAA and ICAO applications include television, radio, communications, microwave, transmission line towers and other objects extending greater than 150' above ground level.


The optical system consists of four red Fresnel lenses, designed to provide a definite360º horizontal beam. The two lamp receptacles are mounted to properly position two 620 or 700 Watt Mogul pre-focus beacon lamps, thus providing correct beam distribution in accordance with FAA and ICAO specifications. A three-terminal connecting block is mounted in the base, allowing each lamp to be individual fed and monitored if desired. Internal wiring is heat-resistant insulated flexible wire that terminates at the connecting block. Unless otherwise ordered, beacons are furnished with a five-foot length of #12-3 conductor Neoprene cable, entering the base through a1” watertight connector. Conduit may be used by removing the watertight connector and disconnecting the cable. The beacon is hinged at the center between the upper and lower lens assemblies to provide ready access for inspection and lamp replacement. The hinge rings, butterfly gasket, and locking clamp maintain a weatherproof center seal.


  • Constructed of heavy aluminum castings with stainless steel hardware and heat resistant Fresnel glass lenses
  • Concave base with drain port at lowest point prevents moisture accumulation
  • Neoprene gaskets provide long life under extreme temperatures
  • Designed for easy lamp replacement

Weatherproof hinge rings, butterfly gasket and locking clamp 


KG114F0001             FAA Type L-864, Flashing Red Beacon, 120/230V 50/60Hz 

            LH620120GE             Lamp, Beacon, 620W, 120V
            LH700230HDT          Lamp, Beacon, 700W, 230V
            Other lamps available upon request