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Red Medium Indensity LED Strobe System

FAA Type: L-864 Medium Intensity Lighting

ICAO Type: Type A Medium Intensity Obstacle Light

ETL Certified: 

FAA Advisory Circular 150/5345-43F 


Compliant for use with: 

ICAO Annex 14, MIL-C-7989, DGAC of Mexico, CAR 621.19 



The Horizontm Red LED Medium Intensity Lighting System is a night-time LED light. Its self-contained power supply, GPS sync and day/night sensor, implies wiring but also accepts extra signals if desired. Advanced features include replaceable LED modules, cutting edge optics, individual LED monitoring.bypass, and active lightning protection (patent pending). The unit also monitors the system and provides a NO or NC alarm contact upon any system failure. 



The Horizontm L-864 GPS/SYNC red LED obstruction lightning system is used on Wind Turbines to provide required time nighttime marking for aviation safety. The use of a medium intensity red LED during the night-time typically negates the requirement to paint the structure with aviation orange and white stripes for daytime marking. The use of red flashing LED at night provides a „community friendly” light. The lighting system has a built-in GPS module to provide a SYNC signal to the unit so it will synchronize with the other HORIZONtm Lighting fixtures on the wind farm. The integrated photocell will energize the flashed during nighttime hours. 


System Features:




Original Equipment Manufacturer

  • designed, engineered and manufactured by Hughey & Philips
  • one source for fixtures and complete lighting systems

Single Flashed construction

  •  compact design for dual (red/white) operation

Integrated Day/Night

  • built-in photocell module

GPS Synchronization

  • built-in GPS SYNC module

IR Capability Available

  • Viewable with NVG Goggles

Wiring Compatibility

  • existing wiring can be used for retrofit applications
  • environmentally sealed connector
  • fewest number of control wiring on the market

Interchangeable LED Modules

  • single screw access
  • built-in safety interlock switch
  • fully field serviceable unit

Cutting Edge Optics design

  • H&P exclusively designed „Eclipse” optics package
  • Community friendly lighting system

Lightest Flashead

  • 17 lbs
  • Ease of handling and installation

Universal Input

  • Operating voltage of 95-277 VAC, 50/60Hz


Unit weight: 17 lbs (7.7 kg)

Supply voltage: 95-277 VAC 50/60Hz - Universal Input 

Average power: 15 Watts

Operating temperature: -40˚ to 55˚C (-40˚ to 131˚ F)