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Tower Products

Nabatech Communications offers The Canadian Wireless Telecom Industry a complete line of towers and Poles. Most standard tower products can be ready for shipment within 6 weeks ARO. All telecommunication tower products manufactured for the Canadian market are designed and stamped by dedicated professional Canadian tower engineers. All products designed for the Canadian Wireless and Telecom industry meet or exceed the
CSA – S37 -01 standard for telecommunications structures and are manufactured here in Canada.

Guyed towers

  • Available in face widths from 12” – 84”
  • Tubular or solid round legs
  • Welded or knock down sections

Self Supporting Towers

  • Available in either tubular legs with 100% drainage and air flow
  • Solid rod legs with angle bracing
  • Schifflerized angle legs
  • Three of four legged models


  • Slip sleeve available in 12, 16 or 18 sided
  • Internal flanged, full bearing with bolted connections
  • Various Concealment models available, flag poles, light poles, tree poles

Pre – engineered towers

  • Available in guyed, free standing, bracketed or self support
  • All weld or knock down sections